Shipyard De Schroef is located in Sas van Gent along the busy shipping route Ghent-Terneuzen, near the Western Scheldt.

Our company welcomes seagoing- and inland vessels for repairs, conversions, outfitting and new building. Our facilities are excellent for services below and above the waterline and our Dry Docks can accommodate vessels up to 162 meters length, a beam of 22 meters and 8 meters draft.

Our skillful employees are specialist in the areas of steel repair, welding, blast- and paintwork, electrical works, piping repair/modification, hydraulics, mechanical work etc.


- Damage repair
- Steel renewal
- Modifications

Mechanical work
- Propulsion and tail shafts
- CPP and fixed propellors
- Bow thrusters
- Rudder repair and maintenance
- Engine repair and maintenance
- Valve overhaul
- Cooler/heat-exchanger cleaning/repair
Cleaning and painting
- High pressure water washing
- Hydro jetting
- Coating/antifouling
- Cleaning of tanks, engine rooms, etc

Electrical work
- Insulation test
- Overhaul/rewinding of electric motors/generators
- Repair and modification of electrical systems
- Piping renewal
- Piping repair and modification
- Special- and intermediate survey works
- Hydraulics
- Engineering
- Carpentry
- Boiler repair
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VNSI General Yard Conditions 2018

To all services, deliveries and work done by- or awarded to Shipyard De Schroef, the VNSI General Yard Conditions 2018 exclusively apply. Any other conditions are explicitly rejected. These VNSI General Yard Conditions 2018 are available through the following link: VNSI General Yard Conditions 2018 (English version)

VNSI General Yard Conditions 2018 (Dutch version)

VNSI General Purchasing Conditions

To all purchases done by Shipyard De Schroef, the VNSI purchasing conditions exclusively apply. Any other conditions are explicitly rejected. These VNSI Purchasing Conditions are made available through the following link:

VNSI General Purchasing Conditions (English version)

VNSI General Purchasing Conditions (Dutch version)


The company policy on privacy and personal data is reflected in our privacy statement. Shipyard De Schroef's privacy statement is made available through the following link:

Privacy Statement (English version)

Privacy Statement (Dutch version)